Four Duels, Colonel Francis Maceroni

Two Sword Duels, a Duel on Horseback, and a Quadruple Duel. [1810-1811]
From the memoirs of Colonel Francis Maceroni.

Colonel Francis Maceroni (1788-1846) was a soldier and author born in England, but of Italian parentage. During the Napoleonic wars, he served as an aide to Joachim Murat in city of Naples, where he studied fencing, and both witnessed and participated in numerous duels. The following accounts are extracted from his memoirs, published in 1838, and occurred during the years 1810 and 1811.

(Maceroni, Colonel Francis. Memoirs of the Life and Adventures of Colonel Maceroni, London: John Macrone, St. James’ Square, 1838. Volume I, pp. 392-399, 448-450)

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