General Membership Meeting 2014 – Reports

The General Membership Meeting is now closed.

Welcome to the 2014 General Membership Meeting of the AHF. The general agenda of this meeting is as follows:

  1. 2014 Report on activities and accomplishments from the Executive Committee and Directors of the AHF.
  2. Notice of proposed changes to the bylaws of the AHF to amend the definition of the Membership Year and simplify rules around the scheduling of meetings.
  3. Restatement of membership benefits of the AHF, and updates on membership cards.
  4. Appeals to the AHF general membership in several critical areas, including
    • Fundraising
    • PR and promotions
    • Contributions to the AHF website and Facebook group
  5. Open thread for other feedback from the general membership.

Over the last year, the AHF has continued with three annual events: Classical Foil Open Tournament (Jupiter, FL ), Redwood Coast Assault of Arms (Humboldt State University in California), and The Grand Assault of Arms in New York. The entire competition of The Grand Assault at Arms was open to the public in 2013, due to a compression of the event to a single day. The Fencing Officials Commission is engaged on producing a new booklet containing a consolidated set of rules and the scoring process for AHF events. A Judges’ Clinic is upcoming next month for the Humboldt State Fencing Club in Arcata, CA.

Our long-serving webmaster, Stephanie Zimmerman, resigned from her role in the fall, and the Secretary of the AHF has been serving this role in the interim. The AHF Facebook group continues to grow steadily, and there have been many discussions among the Executive Committee has to how to better take advantage of this audience. Ideas and suggestions from the general membership are welcome.

From an overall membership perspective, there has been limited growth over the last year, and currently a high proportion of the membership has let their subscriptions lapse in 2013. The Secretary will be reaching out to the membership with a reminder to renew presently.

The Historical Fencing Translation Project is in production this year, with a new project commissioned to translate and interpret Le Perche’s L’Exercice des Armes. The translation is being carried out by Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez.

Members of the Executive Committee and Directors, please include your reports as comments to this post. Here follows a report from Ivan Peterson, President of the AHF.

Presidents Report:

The last year has seen a new executive team stepping in to their various roles. As we explored and discussed what we wanted the AHF to become it was clear that some administrative house cleaning was in order.  Several items are up for a vote that seem to be the most critical for making the association run more smoothly.  But more than that, it seems clear to all that the AHF can be more, can do more. More than just talking about what we should do, we need individuals who would be willing to volunteer their time. For example, I would like to see more scholarly work done having to do with historic swordplay, but alas I have a day job. So, we look to the membership to volunteer their time to network with local scholars, find interesting period essays, or report on swords located in local museums that we could put on the website for all.  To that end we look to various ways that we might get useful scholarly content on the website. I look forward to hearing from the membership as to how we might accomplish this and other tasks.


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3 Responses to General Membership Meeting 2014 – Reports

  1. TNelson

    Dear members,
    Thank you for taking the time to participate in this meeting, and for your support of the preservation and study of fencing. We hope you will continue your support in order for us to offer the resources and events we, as an organization, provide.

    I would like to acknowledge the debt owed to Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez, for serving another year as event coordinator for the AHF. Her experience and dedication have facilitated events such as the Red Coast Assault of Arms in Arcata, CA, and the Grand Assault in New York City. I encourage all memebers to attend any of these events possible, as they are unique opportunities to observe or participate in the testing of one’s fencing ability, set to a standard and in an environment not found anywhere else. I personally attended the Grand Assault of Arms this last November, held in New Jersey. I enjoy the comraderie and mutual respect held for the art found among so many of the attendees of these events, which unique atmosphere allows one to focus on seriously testing her or his application of the principles we strive to embody. I think my most indelible experience from this trip was Maestro Ramon Martinez’s admonition to the fencers that morning: “Do not focus on winning, but do not expect that you will lose.” A kind of “know thyself” reminder that we as fencers are not competing against each other, but ourselves, and if we can relinquish ego, focus on what is in front of us, and allow our understanding to express itself, we will not only succeed, but we cannot fail.

    Please take a moment to peruse the proposed changes to the bylaws and consider the effects these may have, and be on the lookout for more notifications of changes in the year ahead. We hope to steer the AHF in a positive direction, and can only do so with the full support of our members as an informed body of participants. I look forward to another year of learning and fencing, and welcome your input in the coming months regarding the growth and improvement of the AHF as a resource for all students of fencing.

  2. Cecil Longino

    Second Vice President’s Report:

    I concur with the President on encouraging AHF members to reach out to local universities and connect with professors and students who may be willing to share well researched historical articles.

    I would like to thank Mr. Michael McQuown for his generous donation of Giorgio Rastelli’s treatise, La Scherma: Irrobustisce il corpo; Tempra l’animo; Tutela l’onore (1942). We will work on digitizing the book as a means of preserving the information and making it available to the AHF members. Given the poor quality of paper it was printed on, typical for the time, physical preservation of this book will be difficult at best.

    Mr. McQuown, earlier this year, also donated the fencing section (pages 1-15 with associated plates) from a printing of L’encyclopedie Diderot et d’Alembert – Fabrique des Armes Escrime. We also work on digitizing this section and making it available.

    As we move forward through 2014, the next time any of us visits a museum or any place of historical interest, I would encourage us to take a few pictures, write a review and share the experience with your fellow AHF members.

    Cecil Longino
    2nd Vice President

  3. mwss

    Indeed, I think we all need more face time with each other, just to realize the extent of the community and what we can offer to each other.

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