General Membership Meeting 2014 – Open Thread

The Secretary of the AHF has created this open thread for members to ask questions, post ideas, and otherwise submit feedback regarding the current and future activities of the association.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Sean Williford

Secretary, AHF


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5 Responses to General Membership Meeting 2014 – Open Thread

  1. Ivan

    This is a god thing. Please write comments, offer opinions, or otherwise leave some evidence that you have been on the site and are reading the materials.

  2. Cecil Longino

    I would also like to encourage our general membership to add any requests concerning potential future projects, translations, activities & etc.

    Cecil Longino
    2nd Vice President

  3. Jeff Richardson

    I am a little late to the meeting. But glad to see it happening.

  4. mwss

    Just following my comments to the general membership appeal, I would like to suggest a new position just for coordinating sponsorship, fundraising, social media awareness, someone to network with the individuals organizing regional events to make sure these individuals have everything they need to publicize the AHF’s need for financial support, and also to coordinate with any potential sponsors. As the Treasurer, I can supplement this position in any way that is needed. However, I would suggest such a role should remain distinct and separate from the Treasurer’s position. It simply requires a different set of skills, experiences, and responsibilities.

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